Where/when will LIFC Online be held?

LIFC Online is a one-day convention hosted mainly on Discord on November 13, 2021. Other activities such as VRChat and Minecraft will be done on their respective platforms. Don’t worry, we’ll still be on the Discord voice channels during these events. What matters most is that everyone stays safe.

How much will the Attendee/Sponsor/Super sponsor tickets cost?

For LIFC Online, there will only be the Attendee ticket, which will be completely free! We want to make this event accessible for everyone to come back and spend time together. There’s no excuse not to come, we’ll see you there!

What do I have to prepare for LIFC Online?

A Discord account, and you! If you don’t already have Discord, you can download it for free from the Official Discord website.

Is there an age limit to LIFC Online?

You have to be at least 13 years of age in order to attend LIFC Online. This is because Discord’s terms of service do not allow users under 13 to create an account, so we shall stick to that rule.

I’m ready! Where do I start?

Registrations are now open, and you can sign up here! In the meantime, check out our various social platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. Follow us there for more LIFC Online updates!

What happened to my LIFC 2020 attendee ticket?

Don’t worry, it’s still there! We are monitoring the current COVID-19 situation. Once it is safe to hold the next physical LIFC, we’ll make an announcement, and your ticket will automatically be rolled over to the new event, with no hassle on your part!

Dealer’s Den

What is the Dealer’s Den?

The Dealer’s Den is a space for artists and creators to showcase and sell their creations. Dealers can offer art commissions, sell physical prints of their art, take orders for customised badges, keychains, badges, and so on! The sky (and your creativity) is the limit.

What should I expect as a dealer in the Dealer’s Den?

As a dealer, you will be provided with a personal text channel that you can post your merch list, add links to your website and social media, and take orders from attendees. There will also be multiple voice channels for you to stream your art and chat with attendees. Feel free to stream your drawing process with other artist friends, and enjoy the chill company! Do note that if your content is mature, you will need to notify us so that attendees below 18 do not have access to your channel.

Do I need to be at my booth at all times?

Not at all! Feel free to take breaks from time to time. If you need to be away from your computer for an extended period of time, or you are ready to call it a day, then just drop a message on your text channel saying that you are not there for the moment. You can also post your social media handle if people have questions, or link your order form for people to place requests.

How will physical merch be handled?

If you are selling physical merch, you will have to make your own arrangements with the buyer. Due to the LIFC Online time zone (GMT+8), most attendees will be from the Southeast Asian region. Do take that into account when pricing your products!

How do I sign up as a dealer?

Application for the Dealer’s Den will open on September 25! More information will be announced on our Twitter and Instagram.


What are panels?

A panel is a session where a panellist (or a group of panellists) present a topic about anything under the sun. These panels will be hosted throughout the day, ranging from 30 minute timeslots to 2 hours, depending on how long the presentation will take. Panellists can share about furry convention customs, fursuit handling, and fursuit photography. You’re not limited to furry topics too. We’ve had panels on working out, story-writing, mental health, and even music! They can be lecture-style, hosted as an interactive workshop, and so on. Get creative, and present the topics you are passionate about!

What should I expect as a panellist?

You will be provided with a voice channel which you can use to share your screen and present. A text channel will also be provided for you to post material, and for attendees to ask questions. Do note that if your content is mature, you will need to notify us so that attendees below 18 do not have access to your panel.

How do I sign up as a panellist?

Application for panels will open on September 25! More information will be announced on our Twitter and Instagram.